Game Screen Guide

Area Selection

Use the directional controls to select a route to play. The ships you can select, the mission modes, and the rules all vary by area. The game route may fork depending on the area.

Ship Selection

Move left and right to choose between Preset or Select for your ship. Preset Ships come with preset items. The Preset ships and items differ by area.


If you choose Select on the Ship Selection Screen, you will move to the Settings Screen. Scroll up and down to select settings for your ship. You can also move right and left to change the details of each settings.
*Points (pt) are necessary to purchase settings.

Battle Begins

Here, you will control your ship and defeat enemies.

Zone Complete

Zone Selection will only appear when a stage has alternate route conditions. Once you complete the final zone, you will be awarded with Points (pt) based on your score.

Battle Ends

When you complete one area, you will be able to select a new area.


If you push the Display Ranking button on the Area Selection Screen, you can view the ranking data for the area you've selected.