Founded in 1983 as the Sound Development department of Taito, the team became known as "ZUNTATA" in 1987.
The team focuses primarily on game soundtrack creation, album creation, live performances, and event planning.


Katsuhisa Ishikawa

A Sound Artisan who has created TAITO sound effects for over 20 years. He is also the spokesman of ZUNTATA on the web or SNS.

Works (SE)
Metal Black, Darius Gaiden, Psychic Force, DARIUSBURST Series

Shohei Tsuchiya

The Main Composer of the DARIUSBURST series. He's composed a number of original songs like "The World of Spirit" and "Suite Photoconductivity". In recent years, he is known for providing songs to various developers.

DARIUSBURST series, Groove Coaster series

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DARIUSBURST Original Soundtrack
Includes tracks in their original uncut version, closer to the composer's intention. Also includes Hello31337 from OGR (now Hisayoshi Ogura Seisakusho), the composer of Darius series.

DARIUSBURST Remix Wonder World
2 discs full of DARIUSBURST music remixed by famous artists.

DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle Original Soundtrack
OST from DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle (Arcade)
Tracks 1~6 of this album are a must listen! Includes an uncut 6-track version of Suite Photoconductivity with vocals from JP artist Remi.

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours OST
Includes songs from the new DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors, DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX, and DARIUSBURST Second Prologue.


Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Natsume Atari Inc.)

Born in 1970 in Japan's Aichi prefecture.
Hiroyuki first fell in love with game music as a child, then went on to discover Fusion Jazz in high school and subsequently try his hand at composing music.
At 20 he joined Natsume Inc. (Now Natsume-Atari Inc.) and has since been involved in the composition of music and sound effects for several of their titles.

Notable works:
Hiroyuki has been involved in a range of titles across several platforms including...
Pocky & Rocky (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
The Ninja Warriors (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
Omega Five (Xbox 360)
and most recently, WILD GUNS Reloaded (PS4)

Storm Harbinger
Into Thunder Strikes

Daisuke Matsumoto (Cave Co., Ltd.)

Daisuke desired to work in game sound design from a young age and enrolled in trade school in order to see his dream through. Arriving into the Japanese workforce in the aftermath of Japan’s economic downturn, Daisuke worked as a rooftop playground attendant and manufacturer of amusement park equipment, but through it all kept his eyes on the prize and finally landed a job at Cave Co., Ltd. in 2003.

His work composing ringtones for cell phones part time while doing sound design for simple feature phone games paid off and ultimately allowed him to move into game sound design on a bigger scale.
The following year his work made its arcade debut in 2004’s Mushihimesama, for which he oversaw voice recording and editing. Daisuke then went on to design both sound and music for a range of phone games, applications, and arcade games.

Lately he has been focused on supporting the Japanese smartphone game Goshikku Mahouotome, for which he works on sound design while occasionally contributing to the design of in-game events.

His trademark long hair and beard make him stand out in a room, as does the high timbre of his voice.

Notable works:
Goshikku Mahouotome
Muchi Muchi Pork

Pink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

Towards the Blue Sky ~another blue sky~
The Senate ~voice~

Yasuhisa Watanabe (Studio Dual Moon)

He composes and arranges centered on game sound. His style is unique with a strong story, and he has many fans of both genders.

He composes and arranges centered on game sound. His style is unique with a strong story, and he has many fans of both genders. Titles (Full track): Metal Black, Border Down, WarTech: Senko no Ronde among others.

Metal Black
BOSS BGM "the sea of guardian"

Side Arms

Yousuke Yasui (Super Sweep)

A sound designer with a love for game music from the 80's and 90's and a skill for writing catchy, pop-infused tunes. Currently belongs to the Super Sweep label.
Representative works include Mamorukun Curse, ESCHATOS and Comet on Alnadia.

INTERCEPTION - Bustling Town (ketsui ~Bonds of Hell~ DBCS Remix)
EVAC INDUSTRY - Judgement Day (ketsui ~Bonds of Hell~ DBCS Remix)

Keishi Yonao

Born in Fukuoka prefecture.
Games: Strania -The Stella Machina-, Asuka 120% series, Dies Irae series, etc.
Also composes demo tunes for iPad apps such as iMS-20, iPolysix, KORG Gadget, etc.

DoDonPachi Resurrection
The Battle Was Just To Continue that Future ~I am here now~
Dividing Road of Fate ~Believe this selection~

WASi303 (SUCCESS Corporation)

Hidden away in a corner of the games industry, his time is spent producing music for games such as DoDonPachi Maximum, Shmups Skill Test, and CHUNITHM, while also transcribing tunes to guitar by ear and signing documents.

Burning Halloween Town (FANTASTIC NIGHT DREAMS mix)
Lake Village (meets naodr mix)

Nob Shioda

Joined KID Corp. in 1989, currently works as a freelance composer. His works include Isolated Warrior, Fastest Lap and the Chibi Maruko Series amongst others. One of his representative works, Summer Carnival '92 Recca, was one of the first shooting games to introduce techno music influencing not only the genre in following years, but chip tunes too.
Recent works have included popular projects such as 8BIT Music Power, Kira Kira Star Night DX and Wazamonogatari's TV trailer.

Battle Garegga
Into the Leaden Clouds
Subversive Awareness GaRecca Remix

Motoi Sakuraba

Born 5th August, 1965 in Akita prefecture, Japan.
Composer, keyboard player.

Formed a 3 person rock-band, comprised of keyboard, bass and drums while in university, debuting on an indies label. Following that, he performed solo while also producing music for games, anime, drama series and films.
Currently focused on game music production and solo work, where he arranges songs, produces his solo albums and performs live. His game-related work is so numerous that even he cannot keep track of the titles he was involved with. Representative works include the Tales Of series, the Star Ocean series, the Dark Souls series and the Valkyrie Profile series.

Mahou Daisakusen

Kohta Takahashi

Joined Namco in 1995, where he went on to compose for Ridge Racer 4 and V, Ace Combat 2 and the Klonoa series before going freelance. He currently works as a session musician for various acts, whilst also providing music for titles like Beatmania and Pop'n Music.

Soukyuu Gurentai
Skies Above Ohta-ku DARIUS Remix
Descent into the Clouds DARIUS Remix


Joined SEGA in 1984, where he has now spent over 30 years. He composed the music of numerous games from the Taikan Game series such as Hang-On. His main titles are Outrun, Afterburner, Fantasy Zone, Cracking DJ and many more.
Currently sound director for "maimai" he also provides his own compositions. He also participates in the SEGA Sound Unit [H.] playing SEGA compositions.
He is called "Master Hiro" by fans and other SEGA employees. He likes LEGO.
His 30th anniversary album "Hiro 30th Anniversary Album / Thank you for listening!" is now on sale!

Space Harrier
Space Harrier Main Theme DARIUS Remix
Space Harrier Boss DARIUS Remix

Michiru Yamane

She learned Piano and Electone as a child. Learning musical composition in high school, she entered Konami on graduation. She participated in "Ganbare Goemon 2" (NES), "Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction" (MSX), and "Bells & Whistles" (Arcade). She has also composed many music tracks for the Castlevania series. She left Konami after 20 years to start her career as a freelance musician. More recently, she participated in the "Skullgirls" game music composition.

ray-stage "Deep Blue HZ"
ray-boss "Giant Clash"

Denji Sano (DETUNE)

Known for the music of the games Ridge Racer, Tekken, Drag on Dragoon, Beatmania, Taiko: Drum Master and more, he makes music using KORG DS-10 and I am Synth and other softwares. He has released an iPhone apli KORG iDS-10.
He is the CEO of DETUNE.

Night Striker
Urban Trail remix「Emergency Order」
Boss1 remix「Undertake Actions」

Shohei Tsuchiya (ZUNTATA)

The main composer for the DARIUSBURST series.
As with "The World of Spirit", "Suite Photoconductivity", "Kannansynch" and many more,
he always creates ambitious songs.

Galaxy Force
Defeat"Defeat Remix"
Alone Fighter"Alone Fighter Remix"


Former member of the ZUNTATA sound team, he is a man of multiple talents: composer, arranger, sound editor, programmer. He is currently a freelance sound designer among other things.
At ZUNTATA, he participated in the Groove Coaster (iOS, Android, Arcade) series and the Space Invaders Infinity series ( iOS, Xbox360, PS3) among others.

Fantasy Zone
Fantasy Zone Medlay「Digi69 Mix」
Fantasy Zone BOSS『Emotional Distortion Mix」