Game Screen Guide

Mode Selection

Press the START button to access the Mode Selection Screen. Here, you can choose between Original Mode and Original EX Mode

Choose entry methods.

Default Entry
The normal entry method. Each credit will let you begin the game with three lives. When you run out of lives, you will get a Game Over.

Infinite Ships Entry
In this mode, you will not lose a life even if you get hit. Your remaining lives will display as infinite, and you can keep playing until you finish the game.

Difficulty Section

Difficulty is determined vertically by routes. The lower you go on this list, the higher the difficulty will become.

Ship Selection

Move left and right to select a ship.

Battle Begins

Here, you will control your ship and defeat enemies. A massive battleship will appear at the end of the zone.

Zone Complete

Select the zone you want to play next. After completing three zones, the game will end, and the ending will be played.

Name Entry

When you rank in 7th place or higher, the Name Entry screen will appear. In order to get your score registered on the leaderboards, you need to get a high enough score and beat your own high score.