Game Screen Guide

Mode Selection

Press the START button to access the Mode Selection Screen. Here, you can choose between Original Mode and Original EX Mode

Choose entry methods.

Default Entry
The normal entry method. Each credit will let you begin the game with three lives. When you run out of lives, you will get a Game Over.

Infinite Ships Entry
In this mode, you will not lose a life even if you get hit. Your remaining lives will display as infinite, and you can keep playing until you finish the game.

Star System Selection

Here, you can select a star system to play through. The star systems you can choose from will differ depending on the virtual cabinet you belong to. When you have several star systems to choose from, you can move up, left, right, and down to select a star system.

Area Selection

You can move in all four directions to select an area to play. Press a button to return to the Star System Selection Screen. In order to free an area, you need to follow that area's rules. The rules are listed on the left and right of the Area Selection screen. By pressing a button, you can update the World Top Score for that area.
*Pulling this data may take a few minutes.

Ship Selection

Move left and right to select a ship. In Chronicle Mode, you begin with the ability to choose two ships. The ships you can choose differ by area.

Battle Begins

Here, you will control your ship and defeat enemies. In the top center of the screen, it will show you whether or not you've been following the completion rule for the area.

Zone Complete

There is no zone selection in this mode.Players who see a panel need to press a button here. When the final zone is completed, the battle will end.

Battle Ends

If you follow the rules and complete an occupied area, it will be liberated.

Name Entry

When you liberate an area, the game will move to the Name Entry Screen. The person who gets the highest score among all cabinets will have their score and Online ID displayed as the high score. Name Entry is performed when completing an area for the first time, and when a high score is updated. In order to get your score registered on the Ranking list, you need to get a high enough score and beat your own high score.