On sale Winter 2020
for Nintendo Switch
& PlayStation®4

Titles included


The first DARIUS COZMIC COLLECTION, released for Nintendo Switch (2019) and PlayStation®4 (2020), featured mainly early, 2D graphic series titles, but this second edition includes two 3D DARIUS titles.

A message from
the developers


Naoki Horii ( M2 ) Naoki Horii
( M2 )

This is Naoki Horii from M2, following on from Cozmic Collection, this time we’re working on Cozmic Revelation. We’ve gone from the multi screened video game equivalent of an aquarium that was DARIUS, to DARIUS II with its bosses attacking from both sides, DARIUS Gaiden which made an excellent case for 3 dimensional expression in a 2D game all the way to true 3D with G DARIUS’s polygon-rendered gameplay.

It hasn’t been an easy path, far from it. This time, perhaps due to it being 3D ,it felt like it took longer... much longer (!) than a 2D game before things started moving. But, at long last, we’re proud to present G DARIUS, fully compl...

Actually, no, It’s not complete. Not quite yet, It is running, running as well as the arcade original, but as with all our work, that is just the start line. So give us just a little more time, and we’ll squeeze as much in as we can. You don’t mind, do you?


Junichi Kashiwagi ( Pyramid ) Junichi Kashiwagi
( Pyramid )

This is Junichi Kashiwagi from Pyramid, the director of DBACEX+.

The previous home release of DBAC was included a ‘bonus’ with DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, but as it’s a product all of its own this time, we added some extra features. We started off by imagining what a second update to the arcade version (after EX) would have included and worked from there.

It’s been 10 years since the original, but the original team is still working together on this version. I really enjoyed designing brand new levels in DBAC’s unique 32: 9 for the first time in 10 years, but as I had experienced players in mind, their difficulty might be on the high side! I’d really have liked for you all to play this on the arcade machine... so make sure you play it on the biggest screen available!

About "DARIUS"

DARIUS is a series of horizontally scrolling shooting games which began with the original arcade release in 1986.

It continued from there with numerous arcade releases and ports to home gaming systems.

The series is known for, in one form or another, aquatically-themed bosses based on the likes of coelacanth and sperm whales, branching zone paths and music from Zuntata, Taito's sound team.

Product Information

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4
Taito, Inc.
Release date
Winter 2020